Monday, October 15, 2007

South African wines

"I trust you will forgive my friend, the wines were too various, it was neither the quality, nor the quantity, but the mixture. To understand all, is to forgive all" These words from a famous British novel falls to mind, as I describe my encounter with South African wines. The wines were too various.

South Africa has a large production of wines, and I tasted a wide variety during my trip, carefully documenting my wine experiences throughout the journey. I will start with this wine, deceivingly similar to a bottle of traditional Champagne, both in shape of the bottle, and as labels go, as well. This Pongracz Method Cap Classique Non-Vintage is a refreshing blend of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes, with classical yeast and biscuit character on the nose and a rich fruit character, dry and crispy, as I like a good sparkling wine. And what is the recommended company to this wine. South African biltong and well aged parmeggiano.

This wine was bought at the wine merchant at 7th Street in Melville, and enjoyed much later - in the Drakensberg mountains. I will return to that part of the journey much later.

On my page on South Africa from A-Z you will find links to all stories from the planning of, and the journey to South Africa, for your convenience.

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