Sunday, October 21, 2007

R.I.P. Fire Brødre

Sadly, Ketil and I have to face reality. Our regular pub, Fire Brødre (Four brothers), closed down last week after around 15 years in business. We are homeless as this as the place where we performed our weekly ritual of drinking our Sunday pints. So we are homeless, and we are looking for another place to make our own.

We are expecting that there are motives behind this closure, as Central Oslo are now been taken over by greedy landlords that charge increasingly higher rents. This means that only chains as 7 Eleven, Deli de Lucca and real restate brokers can afford to pay the bills.

We are expecting to find another chain store where our once so beloved Fire Brødre once was. I would like to dedicate these words to the memory of our favourite French-Norwegian friend Bernhard that once made this place a real neighbourhood hangout! So Fire Brødre - Rest in Peace, and to those of you that live in Oslo, please give us your view where we can find a new home!!

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