Monday, October 22, 2007

Lunch in Soweto

Lunch in Soweto, that was the option, as one of the restaurants in Alexandra that Sepive wanted to take us, was packed with people. We ended up at Nambitha, a great place to eat, not far from the old house of Nelson Mandela, and we enjoyed a great lunch there. Lunch in Soweto, who would have believed it??

Nambitha was a great place to have lunch. As we had crossed the city of Johannesburg, passed the large heaps of waste from the gold mines outside the city and were in the opposite part of this large city, we were very hungry.

Interior wise, we could have been anywhere. Soft off white or terracotta walls, furniture in dark wood. They served everything from breakfast to larger meat or fish dishes at very pleasant prices, that is from 10 (!) to 60 ZAR.

And what to choose. I had learned from my lunch experience the day before not to eat something as filling as the baked pasta. I was extremely tempted by the tramezzini, i.e. toasted sandwiches with mayonnaise and chicken.

I thought I would get a double decker with some lettuce, tomato, as well as mayonnaise and chicken. The tramezzini were flat toasted and very thin pieces of fine white bread with filling. Very crunchy, and with a lot of taste. Accompanied by one or two cold pints of South African beer, I found it to be great grub!!

As two of the others chose fish, my friends Jan and Tone decided to share chicken cooked the traditional way.

The chicken served at Nambitha was not the bone free, juicy parts, but the whole thing, with bones and all cooked in a dark tasty broth. It was followed by spinach and pap, a kind of porridge made from maize or other grain. White as snow, but very traditional and completely tasteless. This was a challenge for the hungry Norwegians, but in spite of having to deal with the carcass, Tone and Jan seemed happy with their treat.

All in all, Nambitha was a great place to eat our lunch. The restaurant had a friendly and professional staff, and getting a lunch for 50 ZAR, including beverage feels good for your wallet. So if you visit Soweto, Nambitha is a haven for the hungry traveler, where you get quality for you rands.

6877 Vilakazi Street
Orlando West
Tel/Fax:(+27) (0)11 936-9128

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