Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lunch at the Orange Acorn

We were exhausted after the 11 hour flight, but met our friend Arne outside Melville House and our destination was a place to eat lunch. Arne highly recommended the Orange Acorn on 7th Street, so we headed there. A good choice!!!!

The menu offered pasta, salads, sandwiches for lunch. As two of my companions ordered salad and a crumbed chicken sandwich, I ordered this wonderful oven baked pasta. Minced meat, sausage and penne in a creamed tomato sauce, sprinkled with cheese and baked in the oven until crispy crisp. This was a substantial meal. I struggled to work up any hunger for dinner that night.

I chose two local lagers - Windhoek, actually brewed according to the old purity laws, and a bottle of Carlings Black Label. Very refreshing.

As I already showed you, my friend Jan ordered a pasta dish with chicken in a creamed peanut sauce. As I look at this picture I wished I could have enjoyed two lunches that day!! The Orange Acorn is a great place for lunch, and very reasonably priced at least for us Europeans.


The Orange Acorn
7th Avenue, Melville Johannesburg
Phone: +27 (011) 482-1162

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