Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lunch at BJ's - give me a break!

The franchise BJ's has "Give yourself a break" as its motto, and we certainly needed a break as we left the N3 Highway close to Harrismith to get something to eat. The term "Give me a break" would have been more fitting, as the lunch left two of us happy, and the other two rather unsatisfied.

I ordered fried fish, and Jan chose the fried calamaris, whereas the two girls were tempted by the beef sandwiches.

Fried fish at BJ's was a pleasant surprise.

It reminded me of traditional fish'n chips, dipped in batter and deep fried and served with, lemon, french fries, one large tomato and the most delicious tartar sauce. This was absolutely a success for my part and I and Jan shared our fish dishes.

I am sad to say that Grete and Tone were in bad luck, as they ordered the beef sandwiches. Everything was good, except for the main ingredient itself - the beef. I have not ever seen anyone struggle as much with their meat as they did, and bits of beef ended up everywhere, even in Tones purse.

BJ's - give me a break! Get better beef!!!

But the calamaris were as delicious as the fish, well seasoned and crunchy, served with lemon, rice, and tartar sauce. Crunch in every bite, and not overcooked and rubbery, as calamaris may end up if badly prepared. And sadly, only Jan and I left satisfied, and I think it is totally unacceptable to have differences like this in the same restaurant.

The building was interesting - a thatched house reminding me that we were entering the home of the Zulus.

So if visiting the BJ's along the N3 close to Harrismith - avoid the beef and stay with the seafood.

BJ's Restaurant & Fast Food
N3 National Highway (13km west of Harrismith)
Free State
+ 2758 623 0647
Fax: +2758 623 0681

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