Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Grill from Ipanema
Washington DC might not be the most charming city in the world. With the grand avenues, the monumental buildings and all the busy powerful people, downtown DC can feel impersonal. If you want to be around real people, go to the Adams Morgan neighbourhood for dinner.

The streets of Adams Morgan are filled with people in the evening, as opposed to the downtown area, which is deserted by 7 pm. You can choose from some pretty interesting restaurants: I wanted to try out Tibetan and Ethiopian cooking. In stead I visited The Grill from Ipanema twice (!) when I visited DC last week. It’s that good.

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The restaurant
You find the restaurant in 1858 Columbia Road North West (see map). There are eight or ten tables outside and room for perhaps 30 people inside. The decoration is nice, but not fancy.

The service is great: The waiters are patient and laidback. They give good advice about choosing food and drink and they don’t bother you if you want to spend two hours having a salad and a lively talk with new friends, like I did :)

The food
The menu has a nice selection of Brazilian food: A lot of meat dishes, as you would expect, but also some very nice poultry choices. And my favourite: The seafood. On my first visit I had a tomato based seafood stew with scampi, which was delightful.

On my second visit, I ordered a seafood salad. It had four different kinds of salad leaves, oranges, olives, palm hearts, croutons and succulent barbecued shrimps. Mmmm!

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