Sunday, October 28, 2007

First morning in the mountains

It is still hard for me to describe what I felt the first morning I woke up in the Drakensberg Mountains. I am therefore very happy that I have a video that may give you some idea of the moment I walked out on our lawn and watched the spectacular sight for the first time.

Our thatched and very roomy cabin was surrounded by a beautiful lawn. The view from the cabin was remarkable, but we were hidden behind the shrubbery, and as I walked further up the mountainside, the views were even more breathtaking.

The inside of the cabin was as interesting as the outside, as this other little film shows.

We rented the largest cottage in the complex, and it had three bedrooms, separate bathroom and toilet, a large kitchen and living room area with with a dining area and a seating area around a lovely fire place.

The kitchen was not well stocked for cooking, and the sofas were not very comfortable but it was still a bargain for that price.

In front of the cabin there were a paved seating area, and here you could enjoy the view whether it was raining or not as the roof provided shelter from the weather

We paid around 1000 ZAR pr night, but it could easily accommodate three couples as there were three large, double bedrooms. You were constantly reminded that you had to keep your windows closed, to prevent the baboons to come in.

Sadly, I did not see any of these creatures, as there were supposed to be quite a few roaming around in the area.

I loved the cabins at Giants Castle as they were very comfortable and very charming

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