Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dinner at Giants Castle, October 1st

At last, we reached our cabin, as we drove on the mountains road, very different from the N3 highway, we had left a few hours earlier. The gates were open, according to the summer plan, and we arrived at our cabin in time for a late dinner and we had bought Boerewors or Boer sausages for dinner, and what a treat that was.

At Macksons, Jan had told us, that the South African sausages were very tasty and well worth a try. We bought two varieties, Boerewors, one large spiral shaped thick sausage and a packet of more traditional and much spicier sausage.

Boerewors originates from the Netherlands and goes back around 200 hundred years, and should ideally be braaied or put on the barbecue, but we had only a pan to use this evening.

And soon the sausages were in the pan with some butter. The large spiral tasted like the sausages you are served on the European continent, the other one had a spicier and Indian taste, probably from curry powder of some sort. Boerewors is not food for those on a diet, and the fat content was clearly visible as the fat got into the pan. Boerewors was definitely one of the less healthy meals I have had in my life time.

Tone made her specialty, that she made more or less throughout the trip, a spicy rice she originating from Latin America with onions, beans, and powdered coconut-milk.

So the first evening meal at Giants Castle was Boer sausages served with Nicaraguan rice and we opened two good bottles of good red wine for the occasion.

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