Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Den Gode Nabo in Trondheim

I love to find a nice, relaxed place to drink, and I am happy to say that I found my haven in Trondheim at Den Gode Nabo, or The Good Neighbor. This charming pub is located in one of the old storage houses along the Nidelva River - just on the other side of the Old City Bridge.

These old wooden storage houses are located from the mouth of the river and line both banks a little further up than the old city bridge. Here where there were hectic activity of traders a hundred years ago, you today find offices, restaurants, and apartments.

My nephew told me that this is a bar that gives certain privileges to those that live in the neighborhood of Bakklandet, an area with old beautifully restored wooden houses. Den Gode Nabo issue a neighborhood pass, and if you show it, you get a percentage off the price of a pint.

This makes it the generous neighborhood hangout it is supposed to be. It certainly helps that it serves a large variety of beer brands from tap, the best way to serve a beer drink, if you ask me.

Siren, Hans, and Erling, my brothers second son brought me to Den Gode Nabo for a late night pint. It ended up be four pints and a bitter after a very good dinner (review will come soon).

We had to support the local brand, E.C. Dahls Breweries, a Pilsner, as our traditional lager is named, after the city with the same name located in the Czech Republic. Served in 50 centiliter glasses called a "Halvliter" - half a liter. Cold, golden, refreshing, as only a good pint may be. Enjoyed in the dark rooms in the old storage building.

At den Gode Nabo, I enjoyed a freezing cold San Miguel, in large glass mugs taken frosted in the freezer. I remember San Miguel served the same way in Valencia, during a hot day in July 1996, where the thermometer crept over 40 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

Den gode nabo was a great place for a tall glass of Erdinger Weissbier, a German under fermented beer. The Erdinger and its most famous Belgian counterpart Hoegaarden, are fresh beverages for a cold summers day, as well as at Den Gode Nabo.

I mentioned the bitter. In Scandinavia, as in Germany we love our Digestif, meaning a Jägermeister, Gammel Dansk Bitter, Fernet-Branca, or my favourite - the Swiss Underberg. These shots are wonderful remedies when feeling that discomfort of having eaten too much, as we had that evening.

I love my Gammel Dansk Bitter, that I had at Den Gode Nabo. This is a drink for those of you that like a drink with a distinct character. These concoctions are serious chemistry made from different herb varieties at 40 % alcohol.

Den Gode Nabo is highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. Good service, great atmosphere, and the largest selection of beer I have seen in a long time.

Den Gode Nabo
Puben ved Lykkens Portal
Øvre Bakklandet 66
Phone +47 73 87 42 40
See the official website here (Norwegian only)

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