Monday, October 15, 2007

Biff á la Lindström

Tonight I went to dine at 3M, to meet my friend Ketil Zahl. I was a man with a mission, i.e. I was handing over 25 Havana cigars I had bought for him in South Africa. 3M are specializing in what we in Scandinavia call "husmannskost", meaning traditional food as served back in the good old days. Biff á la Lindström is one of these, and served with a twist. Yum!!

This Swedish beef dish is thought to be named after an army officer, Henrik Lindström, that brought it from Russia to Sweden. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and Swedish food lore has it that he brought the recipe to the Hotel Witt in Kalmar, Sweden, around 1862. The original recipe contains beets and capers and this may indicate Russian origin or influence.

What ever. This recipe had no capers or beetroot (I think), but the taste of well seasoned ground beef. It was served with the most delicious rich red wine gravy with whole pepper corns , roasted potatoes and thin slices of pickled cucumber. A feast!!

How to make it yourself? See a recipe here.

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