Saturday, October 27, 2007

All the goodness inside!!

If somebody believes that wrapping a piece of salmon in puff-pastry to make it so much better, it's me and here is the proof as in the pudding. These pieces of proof were prepared for my nephew and his wife in Trondheim a little over a week ago, and my goodness - we loved all the goodness inside!

Salmon in puff pastry is one of these dishes that immediately creates a

- "wow, did you really make that!!"

.. from your guests. Then you can lean back and enjoy your new fame as a master chef, knowing that this is as easy as frying an egg.

You need a piece of boneless salmon, a sheet of puff pastry large enough to be used as a little parcel around the salmon. For Gods sake - use premade puff pastry. If you make it yourself, I get impressed!! You can either buy fresh (the best idea) or frozen, the most important thing is that the sheet is 2-3 mm in thickness.

From here you can improvise, but here is how I did it. I took a knife and spread good mustard on most of the puff pastry except on the sides, where I wanted egg to seal the parcels.

I placed the salmon on the middle of the sheet, and added salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime on top. Then the glue. Whipped an egg and brushed it along the edge of the puff pastry.

Then the master chef bit - folded two of the sides over the fish and then the two others over making it into something that looks loke a spring roll. Take a fork and make small holes in the pastry, this allows air inside to escape. Brush the crust with eggs and place of a baking tray.

Then it is just to put it into a moderately hot oven (175C/350F), and let the heat do the rest. Allow to bake for around 30 minutes and golden brown. You can increase the heat slightly at the end, but remember that puff pastry burns easily so do not leave the kitchen.

And then you have all the goodness outside and inside. Crunchy, crispy, crusty on the outside and the softness and the mild taste of salmon with the a little bite of the mustard and lime.

And what to serve with this dish. We made rice with vegetables (echalottes and mange-touts, finely chopped) with boiled in good stock (or use a cube) and beautifully colored by turmeric. But you may make a simple green salad with a French dressing as well.

This is as convenient for a big formal dinner as an easy afternoon snack. And enjoy a good dry white wine with it.

Are you wondering what to cook today?

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purple goddess said...

I am a salmon JUNKIE!!!

Will be trying this very soon.

Check out my version.

I might take a leaf from your book, and wrap my version in nori, or rice paper rolls next time.