Saturday, September 08, 2007

Moulin de Laussac 2006. Boring, boring, boring......

Bordeaux wines as Moulin de Laussac 2006 is the proof that many inexpensive wines from this famous wine region are lagging behind other much better, reasonably priced table wines produced in France, Spain, South America and South Africa. Moulin de Laussac 2006 is not recommendable neither by your dinner table nor by itself, even at the low price (€9). I would hardly consider it as suitable as food wine.

It is a blend of cabernet-sauvignon (80%) and merlot (20%), but the rich flavours from the merlot grape have no impact in this blend. Moulin de Laussac has aromas of red berries but these are overpowered by an intense peppery bitterness.

Moulin de Laussac 2006 was a once in a lifetime experience. The world is full of wines to enjoy, other wines.....

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