Saturday, September 08, 2007

How to prepare a stress-free Saturday dinner

Yesterday I had a friend for dinner and we enjoyed (or rather drank) two bottles of Moulin de Laussac. This means that my Saturday has ended up more or less the Saturday after the Friday before. Still I have another social obligation this tonight. My two nephews are coming for dinner and I am in the process of preparing a low-stress, low-fat dinner.

Saturday, September 8th at 2 PM

Good food does not have to mean fancy ingredients and a lot of work. I had two frozen pork tenderloins, the low-fat part of the pig. Perfect for two hungry guys destined for a party later this evening. After defrosting, I seasoned the pork with a liberal amount of olive oil and Durkee St. Louis Style Smokey Mesquite, a pungent mix of spices, originally intended for your BBQ experience. Then I placed them back in the refrigerator allowing it to marinate, as I went to the grocers.

Greens - the ultimate solutions to your stress-free Saturday dinner is frozen vegetables. Some of you may frown by the thought of using any other vegetables than the fresh ones, but I would like to point to the fact that frozen vegetables are not what they used to be. Instead of using the day after the evening before to cut peppers, onions, and other vegetables you just pour two pounds of frozen vegetables on the bottom of your oven proof dish, add olive oil and season liberally with salt, pepper or your favourite herbs, thyme, rosemary, sage, or oregano. Mix well. Take out your tenderloin and place on top, and put in the oven to long roast at 120C/250F for 2,5 hours increasing the temperature to 200C/400F the last 30 minutes.

I used a wok-mix, of broccoli, bamboo-shots, red and yellow peppers, leeks, bean sprouts, and black fungus. Will be interesting to see the result. Only 24 calories in 100 grams /3 oz. I feel slimmer already. (Stop mentioning the olive oil!!!)

Gravy!! 250 grams of frozen porcini, button mushrooms and cantharellus Heat in a non-stick pan with some butter, add a little flour and mix well. Then add 10 cl / 3 fluid oz good stock and the same amount of single cream, and my favourite ingredient - the Marsala Wine.

I know that this is not the low fat solution, but I hate to be fanatic.

This wine adds the most delicate sweet, slightly smokey flavour to any sauce. This brand is my favourite!!

So, now I am waiting for the dinner to be ready at 4 PM, Saturday 8th September 2007. I think I will have a cold beer. See your later!!

Saturday September 8th, 8.50 PM

My second nephew just left.

This is how the food ended in the plate. The vegetables tasted great

They were covered by 4 slices of delicious pork, topped with a Rösti-potato. Great stuff, and very easy - believe me!!


Hans said...

Third jalous cousin is sitting hungry in Trondheim...

Tor Johnsen said...


Not very easy to cater for people living far away. Still there are some good ways to prepare good food in a stress-less way. This meal is in fact very easy to make, not very expensive and it tastes great.

Your uncle Tor