Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin......

As Britney Spears would have said - opps! I did it again! Yes, I have bought another ticket to another destination. This time I could not resist a round trip ticket to Berlin with Norwegian Air Shuttle for €100, all included. This is in october, so I know I will be restless again, after returning from South Africa, so why wait?

I already have taken Manhattan, and I took Berlin, and I seriously loved it. I spent 10 hot summer days in the German capital in July 2006. The occasion was to spend a week with good friends and also attend the Gay Pride Parade, where half a million queers (yes you heard right) were to party a whole week. And we partied. The whole parade ended by the large column in the Tiergarten park with loud music, men in high heals or in uniforms, women in comfortable shoes coming in all shapes and sizes.

This time, things could not be more different. I am travelling with a very straight friend to a Berlin during fall. I am already in the process of convincing him to book a room at the very fashionable Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz, a 39 floor four star luxury hotel. Single room at a ridiculous rate at €70 a night. I hope I succeed, and if you read this - hands off, those two rooms are mine!!!

So - coming up in November - Enjoy Food & Travel reporting from a cold and quiet Berlin.

Auf Wiedersehen!!


Andreea said...

funny how everyone stays in the same park inn in berlin :)
(word of warning: funny bathrooms/ toilets)
have fun

Tor Johnsen said...

What kind of bathrooms, toilets. That makes me seriously curious

Anonymous said...

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