Friday, September 14, 2007

Enjoy Food & Travel - your hotel site!

There are so much to save on hotel by just browsing on the net, but what site gives you the best bargain? The best advice - try a few, find the one you like and compare prices in good time before departure, and be aware - every site has a flaw. One site will be good to order hotels in Europe, but will give you a bad selection in the United States. One may have a large number of hotels, but many located far outside the your destination. One will charge you as you leave and give you a refund if you cancel, another will keep your money if you try to cancel just a day after your booking. Try to find the one that gives you the best price, but always check at least one or two other sites to get the best price. I have compiled some links for you here on Enjoy Food & Travel - Good luck!!


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