Monday, September 10, 2007

Cheating at pizza

By guest writer Susanne Koch

Having one of those days? Busy at the office, slow traffic, long lines at the supermarket... You just don't feel like cooking. I often dial a pizza place and ask for a pizza brought to my door. It's very convenient, but it's expensive and often not quite as good as I had hoped for.

Today I made my own 'home made' pizza in 5 minutes (15 if you include the cooking time). I got to choose my sauce, cheese and topping and I didn't have to wait for the pizza boy. Here's how:

My supermarket now has ready made rolled pizza dough. All I had to do was unroll it. I was a sceptic until I tasted it, but the result was really good.

For my sauce I chose a pasta sauce with gorgonzola, which gave my pizza a nice, sharp taste. Then I simply added some slices of mozzarella and some good quality prosciutto. This way I have control of the quality of the ingredients and my pizza was tastier, healthier and less expensive than what I get from the pizza boy.

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