Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sushi & Wok, Majorstuen, Oslo - Brilliant!!

We met one evening to drink beer, but ended up hungry. What is better than Japanese food. We ended up, in the sun at Sushi'n Wok at Majorstuen. As we dined outside, I will wait until later to write a full review, and I will certainly return, as the food we ate was great.

I prepare sashimi, to sushi, and ordered a sashimi-plate and got the most exquisite selection of raw seafood. One large prawn, wonderful fillets of raw sea wolf, salmon, a sliced scallop with large bright red roe, served with pickled ginger. This was absolutely delicious, one subtle taste following the other.

The sashimi was followed by a noodle and seafood wok. Here there were several varieties of red and white fish, prawns and scallops in a hot tomato flavoured sauce. Tastes of coriander and lime enhanced the flavour of the sauce.

I love to get noodles served like this. You can use the chop sticks to get up the bits of fish and noodles, and you can lift up the bowl and drink the noodle soup / sauce as the Japanese do. And slurp. In Asia you are allowed to make noises by the table , and I did it the way of the East.

I will certainly revisit this place to give a full review. In the mean time, it is not difficult to recommend what we ate. If you like Asian food, it is a good choice.

Sushi'n Wok
Adress: Essendrops gate 9, 0368 Oslo
Phone: + 47 23 20 28 33

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