Monday, August 20, 2007

Story number 600: Two very different white wines!!

I have rarely had two more different white wines in one evening than that evening. One wine reminded me on my first experiences with wine in my own personal Dark Ages, the other one gave great relief from bad memories.

P.J.Valckenberg Madonna Liebfraumilch

This was truly a stroll along amnesia lane, back to times when we had our first sips of alcohol hidden away under the stairs in our house, far away from mummy. Tasting it now, I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine how we managed to drink this stuff.

This wine is produced close to the city Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate, and it is name is derived from the old church Liebfrauenkirche belonging to a large monastery in the area.

It is made from the grapes Müller Thurgau and Riesling. It has a flowery bouquet and a very sweet, and in my mind sickening taste of dried apricot. I have seen it recommended as company to sushi and other oriental dishes, but I can not in my wildest imagination tell how these tastes could blend into a higher unity.

So at a price of €9, this is a once in a lifetime and never again experience - and a waste of money!

Via Latina Loureiro 2006

How very different a wine. Whereas the Liebfraumilch was not suitable for the food I served, this Vino Verde was perfect to the portion sized fish pies served.

The Vino Verde is produced in the Minho region in Northern Portugal.

It is produced entirely from the Loureiro grape, and it is a wonderfully, fresh and dry white wine with aromas from apples and citrus, and with a very fine touch of fresh mint.

This is great to seafood, or even served with strawberries a summer evening. How very different and how very far away from my childhood, and a bargain at €9!!

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