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Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad - an exquisite hotel experience

I have stayed at several great hotels, but hardly ever had such an experience as the Radisson SAS Hotel in Fredrikstad. There were very little to put your finger on. Staying here means great comfort, beautiful Scandinavian design, good service, and good food.

Location BBBBB

The hotel is located in the centre of Fredrikstad, close to the channel separating the mainland and the neighbouring Kråkerøy Island. Its location is excellent as you are in the immediate proximity to shops, restaurant, and pubs in the harbour area.

Service: BBBBB-

The staff of the hotel provided great service overall. They had prepared our keys and additional information for our arrival and check in. The only exception to the smooth service was during lunch, and we had to wait a little bit too long for the food to be served.

Hygiene: BBBBB

Not a grain of dust to be seen. The rooms, the bathrooms reception, restaurants and bars were well cleaned. As the hotel is brand new even the wall to wall carpeting was clean, but I wonder why they had settled for carpeting in the first place. Wooden floors would have been a good idea to keep up the excellent hygiene in the long run. There were beautiful marbled floors in the restaurants and in the reception area floors, equally spotless.


I loved my room at the Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad. Furniture in light wooden materials, white chrome lamps, chrome chairs with leather seats. Very tasty colour palette delicately balanced in beige, blue and lime.

A large bed to die for with a large duvet and tons of cushions. The only place I have enjoyed this kind of luxury has been during my stays in the US.

The room was not big, but it felt roomy and not over furnished. My homage to the interior designer.

The bathroom was rather small but maintained the same high standard. Tiled, with a large sink with a lot of room for you personal belongings. And it had the luxury item - a bathtub. I absolutely love to be able to sink into a hot tub adding some soap or even better - bath foam.

And I absolutely loved the fact that the hotel left you some accessories for you bathroom experience, as this stand containing different bath-products as

- A hint of apple (liquid soap)
- Zest of lemon (conditioning shampoo)
- Gentle Orange (Bath shower gel

These small articles makes us (the guests), or at least I, very satisfied in this age where small portions of toilet articles increasingly are switched for soap, shampoo or bathroom gel dispensers.

Food: BBBBB-

Breakfast: BBBBB

The breakfast was served in the breakfast room on the ground floor, and it was one of the best breakfast ever. All you could possibly desire. Scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, tomato beans, crispy bacon. You had cold cuts, pates, cheese, marmalade, and much more. The coffee was served freshly brewed on each table and even the orange juice tasted great.

Lunch: BBBB+

Lunch was served in the restaurant and was included, and we had a piece of beef the first day, served with roasted potatoes, gravy and salad. The meat was well seasoned, but it was a bit tough. Dessert: Chocolate pudding with with blackberries and custard topping - yum!!

Second day we had a delicious fried salmon fillet with asparagus, boiled potatoes and a butter sauce. Very well prepared, perfectly cooked and the creamy butter sauce had a great herb flavour. Dessert a very strange cream caramel (?) topped with orange juice - a strange combination!!

The last day Fried chicken with a tomato sauce, served with roasted potatoes and salad - delicious. Dessert: A chocolate nut cake with cream and red berry sauce.

All in all - a slightly mixed bag, and we had to wait a little bit too long to be served, so only 4 Bargain points

Reception areas, bars, etc.: BBBB

The hotel had two bars, one at the ground floor (left) and one on the roof. Both had the cool, elegant design as elsewhere in the hotel. I loved the rooftop bar with a large terrace where you could stand outside enjoying the magnificent view over the city centre.

The reception area had a few minor deficiencies. There were just a few chairs and tables, and there were no coffee machines where you could help yourself. Coffee and tea was only served during scheduled breaks, but should be available for guests at all times.

And it would have been great to have access to a free computer. There were three computers by the reception but you had to pay €0,50 a minute(!). The Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad should have computers available free of charge for its guests.

Price: BBBBB

The Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad is an expensive hotel. You pay around €175 a night, but it is funny to say that you got much for your money. This was a great experience and you were offered so much comfort. The Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad offered great value for money, and if you are willing to pay nearly two hundred Euros a night, I would certainly pick this hotel.

Overall score: BBBBB (4,77 points)

Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad- an exquisite hotel experience


Radisson SAS Hotel, Fredrikstad
Nygaten 2-6
N-1607 Fredrikstad
Tel: +47 69 39 30 00
Fax: +47 69 39 30 01
See the official Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad website here

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