Monday, August 20, 2007

Help! - I have become a member of the Nespresso community!!!

Well, I hate to be a member of a committed group, or at least if I can avoid it. However, I have enrolled as a fast- espresso- groupie! I have become a nespresso community member.

As I left my job in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, I received two gift certificates. One at 2000 NOK (€ 240) from my employer and one at 1139 NOK (€135) from my colleagues. I had already decided to buy an espresso machine, and consulted my dear techno-freak friend Terje Sletner for advice. He strongly recommended the Nespresso, as this machine makes coffee with no fuzz.

So we entered the kitchen appliance department at Christiania Glassmagasin in downtown Oslo to buy the fast-espresso-wonder. I just walked by the sales assistant eager to sell the expensive luxurious variety, and proclaimed - I am a dummy, and I want that one (NOK 1499 / €178)!!

Now this wonder is standing on my counter, close to the American spice department. No skill required to use this one, pour down water, put one of the small capsules in the fitted hole on top, press down the handle - and presto - espresso!!

In this way, sadly, I never learned to be a Barrista, to grind the beans, press the coffee into the small espresso filter, putting steam on and listen how the water filters through the filter and into the cup.

Now my coffee comes in small capsules in 12 different varieties.

They are called:

- Ristretto
- Arpeggio
- Roma (o, la, la - or was that Paris?)
- Decaffinato intenso (nighty, night.....)
- Livanto (more lively than I am already)
- Capriccio
- Volluto
- Cosi (fan tutte)
- Vivalto (valium?)
- Decaffinato Lungo (definetely to sleep on)
- Finezzo

Have already have three. Looking forward to more. Great taste - how annoying!!! Will keep you posted!!

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