Saturday, August 18, 2007

Grevens ciders

As I told you I love ciders. This is Grevens cider, produced by the Hansa Borg Breweries in Norway. This is the variety made from pear, and I enjoyed this glass reading the paper, as my Friend Ketil took a stroll in the rain to the nearest urban centre, Kilsund, a half-an-hour walk away.

I have enjoyed many a good glass of cider before, and I know that there are as many tastes as there are brands. As Norway has only a very small wine production (but we still have), ciders and beers have been the most common alcoholic drinks produced in the country.

Grevens cider is a sweet cider, and it may be too sweet for some of you. I, however, love it as a contrast to beer, chilled, but I always put a slice of lime in it. In fact this was the rest of the lime I used as I prepared my Skagen røre.

So find you own cider variety, and give me a hint of what you like?

You find a few lines on Norwegian cider production here - in

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