Sunday, August 26, 2007

The fairy in the Absinthe

I have been in Løten, once again. This time I enjoyed the absinthe that Øyvind and Stian had brought back from their trip to Paris and Nice a few weeks ago. I have tasted it several times, but as they could supply me with a genuine absinthe spoon, I wanted to prepare my it the old fashion way and wake up the fairy in the absinthe.

This absinthe was 55% but as I have told you earlier the old variety was extremely strong, up to 85%, and you can still get this strength in Europe. Together with the artimisia or wormwood this strong alcoholic drink was suppose to create hallucinations. It had also a very bitter taste and the absinthe drinkers in the salons around in Europe added sweetness to the drink.

And I did as them. I placed a device called an absinthe spoon over a glass of water, placed a sugar cube on it and poured the absinthe over the sugar cube and into the glass.

Did I see the fairy of the absinthe. I did not see any living thing in the glass. Remember this was BEFORE I started to drink. But the contents in the glass created a green mist, and who knows....

But wormwood or not, it tasted like a good honest pastis, with a soothing and warm anis flavour - the taste of France.


James said...

i tried that one time. it was good! no fairy for me though.

Tor Johnsen said...

I do not whether the absinthe produced contain enough wormwood for us to fly away. Truly the old absinthe with the right strength (80-85%) and with much more wormwood may made it possible for us to fly away.