Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Fredrikstad - the 350 year walled old city

Coming week I will be away on an international conference. It takes place at Fredrikstad, the main city of the County of Østfold at the eastern side of the Oslofjord, close to the Swedish border. Later I will be partly responsible for the food at a great party. So there will be an exciting week ahead of you!!

Luckily the conference allows some cultural and culinary experiences. We will have a guided tour of the oldest part of the city, going back to 1569. The temporary walls around the original city was replaced by strong fortification in the 1600s and behind the walls you find the best preserved fortified city in Northern Europe.

We will also tour the waterways and stay at the new Radisson SAS hotel in the city. So stay tuned for the stories from Fredrikstad area. There are so much to see!!

At last - a real party for my best buddy!!!

At last - Saturday, September 1st, is the date when my best buddy Ketil Zahl and his wife Astrid Meling celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

I and my friend Terje will prepare tapas for 37 guests coming from Northern Norway, London, and of course from Oslo. We have been lucky to be allowed to use the professional kitchen where Terje works to prepare the goodies. I will share memories from that day - from the party, people, food, wine and entertainment.

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