Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Barceloneta - the Barcelona Beach

Where the Barceloneta is now, there used to be wasteland. The whole beach area was renovated to the Olympic Games in 1992. Today this is a great place to enjoy the sun in the middle of the town. And if you are bored to can enjoy a snack and have a glass of wine.

Take the line 4, direction La Pau, and leave at Barceloneta. If you do not know exactly where to go, follow the crowd, as you are probably not the only to go to beach a hot afternoon, as we did. Having walked 15 minutes, this wide white beach appeared and outside - the wonderful blue Mediterranean sea.

The Baja Beach Club - a great hangout

Looking for a cool place? The Baja Beach Club is the perfect hangout to order tall colourful drinks or simply a cold bottle of white wine as we did. Here you think of Venice Beach or Santa Barbara - dip into that Californian feeling.

I had been there before, and I realized that as I went in to go to the lavatory and was met by Willy, freed, stuffed and serving as a bar.

The interior was fascinating as it also contained other marine creatures including a White Shark and other beach equipment.

Terje and I was not in the mood for a swim, but decided to have a bottle of cold, dry white wine outside and enjoyed the beach life on a distance. Last time I visited Barceloneta and the Baja Beach Club was October 2004. Even at that time of the year, the temperature was close to 20 degrees Celsius. Laila and I enjoyed fried calamaris in the hot sunshine. There were no beach bums there, however, as the tourist had decided that the summer was over.

June 27th the sun was shining on a blue and beautiful Spanish sky. Terje shot this film clip as we sat on Baja Beach Club. A moment frozen in time. Such a shame that it is over - forever. But it is great to look at!!

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