Friday, July 06, 2007

What happened to poor little piglet?

In our modern times, we have been moved so far from the reality of food production. Meat and fish finely chopped up, prepared and packed in plastic, are sold in supermarket counters. You would never know what it once was. Well, at the Barcelona meat market this is very different. Now, we really know what happened to little piglet....

In Norway, you may be shocked what you will be served when you visit Voss on the Western Coast. Smalahove, i.e. salted and smoked sheep's head, brain is removed, but with both eyes intact. In fact the latter is regarded the best part of the meal. My mother used to make "hodesylte", i.e. a kind of roulade made from the meat of a pig's head. The head itself had so much gelatin that it held the meat together. It was delicious.

The Chinese serve chicken feet during dim sum, deliciously crisp, and the TV chef Nigella Lawson keeps pigs ears in her freezer and deep fries them when she craves for something ravishingly unhealthy. Not very kosher, but very wicked...

You may think I am a monster, but I have really eaten suckling pig, i.e. small piglets only fed on milk, and if you had, you may end up as me - accepting reality. I ate suckling in Brussels. Both meat and in paté, and the taste is absolutely delicious. Succulent, tender, and very tasty.

This is the real food story, like it or not. You may turn vegetarian - but it does not help little piglet.


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