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Some nice Barcelona bars

Barcelona is a place to eat, and after you have had your meal, you can have a drink. You bet we did. The latter part of our vacation we were regulars at People Lounge with Martin and Antonio (more on that later). But before we discovered this charming place we went on a walk on the straight, wild side. Here are three charming bars for you to try. And we liked them all.

Bar del Pi

This is really a hole in the wall bar. We discovered it as we were looking for an open network for Terjes skype phone, and here we could call home via the net.

Bar del Pi is located by the church Santa Maria del Pi in the middle of Barri Gothic, not far from La Rambla.

The bar is tiny, in fact what you see here is pretty much it, pluss a gallery, where we sat. It serves coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice, beer, wine and spirits - and tapas. They were slicing ham, cutting tortilla triangles constantly serving them with drinks. This is really a great bar to visit. We really liked it there.


Bar del Pi
Placa Sant Josep Oriol 1
Phone: 93 302 21 23


We had been over eating at Els Quatre Gats, and needed to ease our stomachs. What would be better than a real digestive. Thus we entered Schilling.

This trendy bar is located at Ferran, not very far from Bar del Pi. This was clearly a place for the hip crowd. Its dark wooden decor in a kind of a art nouveau-ish style, marble tiles, subtle lighting, and bookshelves with row after row after row of - wine bottles!

Well we sat down in the corner and relieved our stomachs with a large glass iced Fernet Branca, watching the trendy international crowd as the dusk crept in over Barri Gothic. And the mysterious herbs in the digestive had its magic touch. We were able to leave Schilling and walk around to find another bar and we were Hook-ed.



Address: Ferran 23
Phone: 93 317 67 87


As we walked direction harbour, we ran into Hook. I guarantee - you never saw such a place! Serious theme bar with a piracy look. You enter and sit down, and you can use the rest of the evening studying every little detail of the decor.

We had seen large posters over the whole town promoting Magners Irish Cider, and here you could get it, and we ordered it.

Hook is hardly a minimalistic bar. It is filled up with objects more or less related to the Captain Hook. Old sail ships, posters, pictures - well there are so much to look at, and lighting!! We nearly got that Christmas feeling.

There were nearly no one there, but this is the place where you imagine bats fly in after midnight. A Gothic feeling in the Gothic quarters.

The cider was a real pint of the stuff, and it was delicious. Not like the ciders we have in Scandinavia, that tend to be very sweet. It had that natural acidity and tasted what it was made of - real apples.


Carrer Ample (I think)

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