Thursday, July 26, 2007

Visit Lokes Nidblogg - my new Norwegian website

I launch a new blog, today, Thursday July 26th. Lokes Nidblogg will be my new personal space in Norwegian. I want this blog to be a channel for my opinions on what happens on the national arena. And sorry - no food or travel there!!

The first article is on H.R.H. Princess Märtha Louise, that claims to possess the ability to communicate with angels. Regrettably, the spiritual scene of the Kingdom, is gradually taken over by quacks, that claim to have solutions to all your problems - for a price. Her Royal Highness is hoping to cash in on this trend, by opening her own academy. Here you can learn how to communicate with angels for the sum of 3000 EUR a year.

Sadly these idiots makes it so much harder for those of us that have a genuin interest in the area itself. These kind of ideas makes it so much difficult to achieve a sound and serious debate on important issues related to spiritualy and religious systems.

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