Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Planning for the fall of 2007

Some bargain flights from Norway to European destinations

Do you have some vacation left that you plan to spend this fall? If you are looking for the cheapest airline tickets - start now! For those you that live in Europe, you have many options through the growing numbers of low cost airlines that operate small and large airports in the EU. For us Norwegians, living in a small country in the periphery of the European Union, we have less to choose from. But even we can get some very good bargains if we would like to escape shorter days and lower temperatures.

From Norway to Europe we have to settle for three low cost carriers. Norwegian Air Shuttle has the largest numbers of routes and operates direct services to European destinations from most of the main airports in the country. The Irish carrier Ryanair have services from Torp airport outside Sandefjord to many locations in Europe and have one service from Haugesund airport to London Stanstead. Danish air carrier Sterling run their business out from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to a growing number of destinations.

These three companies have some good deals for this coming fall, and can bring you from Norway to Europe for a very low price. This, however, depends on how early you start to look for your tickets, and you might as well start to surf the net now to get the best air fare. Remember there are often a limited number of cheap tickets under offer.

I browsed through the websites of these three airlines. I wanted to check whether they could offer me any round trip ticket to European destination for less than 100 EUR. And I was amazed that they had several very good deals. If you can leave Torp October 25th and return October 30th, Ryanair offers right now a roundtrip ticked to beautiful Bergamo in Northern Italy for a little over 40 EUR, included tax. (However - be aware that the carrier charge you for every item you check in.) Still this is one of the cheapest flights you could ever get from Norway to a European destination. And for those of you living close to an airport operated by these air carriers - check the price the other way, and visit us.

Here are some other bargains from Norway tor Europe for less than EUR 100,-:

  • Ryanair to: London (Stanstead), October 19th - October 25th - EUR 62,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Copenhagen, Oct 15th - October 19th - EUR 63,-
  • Ryanair to: Barcelona (Girona), November 7th - November 12th - EUR 68,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Gdansk, December 23rd to December 27th - EUR 69,-
  • Sterling to: Nice, November 13th to November 18th - EUR 71,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Valencia, October 16th to October 20th - EUR 75,-
  • Ryanair to: Marseille, October 20th to October 25th - EUR 80,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Gdansk, November 4th to November 8th - EUR 81,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Berlin (Schönfeld), September 17th to September 21st - EUR 84,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Belgrade, November 3rd to November 10th - EUR 87,-
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle to: Paris (Orly), November 14th to November 18th - EUR 91,-

So with this in mind......

Go to your computer and plan your break this fall now! And if you are lucky, you may get even better deals from where you live. Good luck - and have a nice vacation!

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