Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lunch in Sitges - Al Fresco!!

When asked, John and Øystein knew immediately where to lunch. They led us through the narrow streets of the city to Al Fresco café. A lunch restaurant at street level and a gourmet restaurant with the same name in the basement. This was not the place for large portions, but what was served was delicious.

Eating at Al Fresco Café was an entirely charming experience. In a light and rustic atmosphere with one row of tables of chairs we had great service and above all brilliant food.

We all decided to order the same food.

Oven baked lamb served with crisp sweet and ordinary potatoes.

It was very different from what I had expected. I had visioned slices of lamb served medium, i.e. pink to red in the middle.

The lamb served at Al Fresco Café had been very thinly sliced and baked, and had a very special seasoning. It reminded me of Moroccan spices. I tried to figure out what herbs and spices they had used, as I tasted cumin and coriander seeds, but there were definitely other spices used as well.

I had, however, expected additional vegetables to the lamb, as the amount of potatoes did not match the amount of meat. Unusual, as it usually works the other way. More of the inexpensive ingredients, less of the expensive.

We had a wonderful, dry white wine served with the lamb. An unusual choice, but in this case it matched.

For dessert we ordered white chocolate mousse with raspberries. Yum. The sweet, honey like taste of the white chocolate and the acidity of the raspberries. Al Fresco was a great place to eat, and if I return I will visit the gourmet restaurant and write a review.

Al Fresco Café
Address: Carrer Major, 33, 08870 Sitges
Fax: 938 114 017
Phone: 938 113 307

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