Monday, July 16, 2007

Knutstad & Holen - A culinary oasis

In Hamar, you get the best fish and seafood Norway can offer. Here you find one of the best fishmongers in the whole country. It is quite unexpected to find such a large variety of products here, so far away from the sea, but there are few places in Norway that rival Knutstad & Holen. They are well stocked and there are supplied with seafood of excellent quality. But the shop has much more to offer than just fish. Here you get products you have to struggle to get hold of, even in Oslo

And the citizens of Hamar and the whole region certainly seem to appreciate the abundance of products under offer. As we entered the shop, Jun 16th, there was a long line of customers waiting. I planned to buy a large piece of halibut to serve for dinner, and a few slices of parma ham.

As I had to wait, I used my time to check their supply. Here you could get fresh lobsters, langoustines, king crab, shrimps, prawns, large fresh scallops. Mouth-watering! The supply of fresh both saltwater and freshwater fish was equally impressive. They could also offer a large range of other fish and frozen seafood products of high quality.

Knutstad & Holen had several products that you, if you live in Oslo, have know where to buy. I saw frozen raw foi-gras. This is a product you really have to struggle to find in, even in Oslo. As all foi-gras is imported, the price is extremely high, as abroad, where this product belongs to the most luxurious you can get.

They had a large selection of cured meats, both national and imported. Sadly, I hoped to get four large slices of parma ham for my halibut, but sadly enough, they only had large packets of parma. So I went for the next best thing - bacon.

When it was my turn in line, I ordered 1 ½ lb (750 grams) of Halibut fillet, and paid only 17 Euros. As my friend Øyvind does not care much for fish, this large chunk was to be prepared for me and Stian. And that is another story.

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