Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ice cream from Bakken Øvre

I have always admired the local initiative and at the farm Bakken Øvre at Løten, they have found a production that really pays off - ice cream.

The Kildahl family had milk left after they had produced Pultost, their locally produced and very traditional Norwegian cheese. This milk did not go to waste. They produced the most delicious ice cream from the leftover milk.

My friend Øyvind took me to a local cafe, one of the few places that sell this delicious product, to indulge - and we certainly did. I ordered strawberry and vanilla / blackcurrant. This was a great product. It could most definitely compete with any Italian gelato. Today they produced 30 different varieties, half based on cream, the second half sorbets for sale in the local area.

The Kildahl family has most certainly shown rest of the Norwegian farming industry how they should meet the future. The future Norwegian agriculture should rely on production of high quality products not by high import duties.

Hurra for Løten!! Hurra for Bakken Øvre!

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