Monday, July 02, 2007

A hidden gem in Sitges - Hotel Romàntic

I think this is one of the most romantic hotels I have visited. The Hotel Romàntic in Sitges is nothing less than a hidden gem, a quiet getaway in the busy holiday resort. A place you cannot wait to return to. Go there for the ultimate romantic vacation. I know for sure - the next time I fall in love, I will.

Hotel Romàntic & Hotel de la Renaixenca have the same owners. John and Øystein took us here for a drink, in a dark, mysterious subtropical garden. A perfect place for a cold drink during the hot Spanish afternoon.

Here you find tall date palms providing shade. You are seated around beautiful white tables, and are served highly alcoholic gin and tonics. This thanks to the very charming English bartender that poured very liberal amounts of spirits into our glasses - with wit!

We sat in the garden for an hour, enjoying the atmosphere, and did not want to leave this oasis. And when I left, I had already decided to return to have another gin and tonic under the tall date palms. But this time as a guest.

At Hotel Romàntic you can get a room from €50-90 early spring and late fall. From July the price range on the hotel is €65 for a room without bathroom, to €115 for a double room with bathroom and terrace. This is dead cheap, actually within reach for a budget traveller, and this place has so much character.


Sant Isidre 33, 08870 Sitges
Reservations: +93 894 83 75 / +93 894 06 43
Fax: +93 894 81 67 / +93 811 41 29

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