Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doppio Passo Salento Primitivo

A smooth Italian choice

I wanted to taste something different. Normally, I do not buy bag-in-box wines, but this one was highly recommended by the my local wine shop. And it did not fail the test. This is a hell of a smooth Italian. Unbeatable!

This wine is sold in a 300 cl bag and will cost you around €45 (370 NOK) if you go to our native Vinmonopolet. It is made in Puglia, at Salento, on the tip of "Italy's heal", from 100% primitivo / zinfandel grape (hence the name).

This is a beautifully, rich red wine, deep ruby red colour with a complex taste. Aromas as dried fruits, blackcurrants, or cherries come to mind. Very concentrated, and extremely soft tannins. This is definitely not the wine for you that like Spanish wines. I do, but I love this wine as it has a very rich, sweet taste. It is not, however, too sweet, as its richness and body counteract the strong fruit aromas. I served this wine with lamb, and it worked great.

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