Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barcelona - from a walk on the wild side

Greetings to Martin and Antonio at the People Lounge

Barcelona is certainly a place for a walk on the wild side. The city rival any other, when it comes to nightlife in any form. Terje and I wanted to have a walk to explore gay life, and we seriously fell in love with People Lounge and the two charming men in charge of the bar - Martin, originally from Caracas, and Antonio from Genova.

We spotted two nice men walking in direction C. Casanova, where we knew we would find some bars, and we just followed them to People Lounge.

This is a seriously nice bar, great interior, nice crowd, slightly eccentric music and above all - good company. Easy to get in touch with people. In fact, we loved the People Lounge so much, that we came back - three evenings in a row!! So this is certainly a place for you to discover, if you would like to have a walk on the gay side of town. Beware - good company give you serious hangovers. We had large glasses of wine and the occasional drink, and the liquor was not measured in thimbles, but was pured in generous quantities into our glasses. So we certainly needed to an ibuprofen or two the next morning to clear up and take a da capo the next evening.

Up C. Casanova we visited a few of the other gay bars. Plata bar, was another great place. A hip, modern bar, with an equally hip modern crowd. Another charming bartender making his contribution to my next day hangover.

But - visit People Lounge when you come the next time. It is a great place to hang out.

And thank you, once again, Martin and Antonio - for a great time!!!

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