Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A well deserved culinary interruption on my way home

An open sandwich at Fyret in Oslo

Today I have walked 12265 steps, or that is at least what my pedometer tells me. That means 7,3 kilometer (3, 5 miles) and 288 calories burnt. That equals (probably) one tuna sandwich and two pints of beer and a chat with Laila, one of my best chums. The latter being completely calorie-free of course. Lucky me!!

Fyret, or the Lighthouse, is one of my favourite hangouts in the Norwegian capital. Located in the bazaar under the old Police station in Møllergata. A tiny cafe/restaurant serving French/Danish/Continental food. Here you get the best Danish open sandwich in town - with warm liverpaté served on rye, raw onion and pickled cucumber.

What to choose on this cool evening of June, when you experience a fall in temperature from 31C (96F) to less than 20C (68F)? The sandwich of course, - mine having a large heap of tuna salad made from mayo, tuna, raw onions, curry powder as main ingredients, garnished with black pitted olives. Recipe claimed to be inspired by a tuna experience on 42nd street in the Big Apple.

And two dripping cold glasses of beer. One should at least pretend that the heat was here still, and I had burned the calories, after all!!

This means that the fresh pasta for today will be chucked into the freezer to be prepared another day. And if you are in Oslo right now, why not have a snack at Fyret. Here is the address:

Fyret Mat & Drikke
Youngstorget 6, Oslo
Phone: +47 22 20 51 82

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