Saturday, June 30, 2007

Visiting Sitges - a pearl by the Mediterranean

We had planned to visit Øystein and John, two fellow Norwegians that stayed in a hotel in Sitges, a 40 minute train ride south of Barcelona. We ended up staying there the whole day. It was terrible to leave such a beautiful city. The next time I return to Spain I am determined to stay there and enjoy the easy life by the beach.

Sitges has so much to offer the tourist. As we arrived, John took us through narrow streets, through the oldest part of the city, by the church, where you could find houses like the one on the picture. The old city has buildings going hundreds of years back.

If you want to eat you can find restaurants to anyone's taste, serving traditional Spanish and international food, and trendy and expensive gourmet restaurants. We had a great lunch and a traditional dinner.

The city has more than 4500 hotel beds in any category. Øystein and John stayed in a great hotel by the beach, but we also discovered hidden secluded gems in the narrow streets. More on that later.

Sitges is one of the best known destinations for the gay traveller, particularly in July and August when the gay crowd assemble on the beach, and enjoy life into the early hours in the many bars and discos here. We felt right at home!!

And for the shopaholic there are a multitude of options for those of you needing serious retail therapy. From internationally renowned chains to the odd brick'n-brac, selling hopelessly useless objects you just need to have

And the white sandy beach and the palm trees gently touched by the mild but still cooling breeze from the sea. Dipping in the water, playing with the waves breaking along the shore. Superb!!!

I will share my culinary experiences from Sitges, and write on two hotels the romantic traveller has to consider when planning to stay here here. In these two locations you can travel if your have fallen in love for the first time or seriously need to revitalize your relationship.


This great video from Sitges shows some of the places we visited.

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