Monday, June 04, 2007

Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg - Sandsli, Bergen

I stayed in a giant renovation project for one night, with carpet fitters, carpenters, and plumbers. In short - this was not the hotel experience with a big E. Sadly, the Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg could have been a much better experience.

Location: BBB

The Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg is located on a hilltop at Sandsli, a five minute drive away from Bergen airport Flesland. For those of you arriving with no rental car, do grab a taxi. I was stupid enough to take the Airport Express shuttle to Bergen. When leaving at the bus-stop, I walked towards the sign saying "Sandsli", showing a comfortable bed. Be warned - DO NOT WALK THIS WAY!!! Nobody told me that one of the nearby roads led directly up to the hotel, and that walking in the direction of where the sign pointed meant a 30 minute walk in hot sunshine. A grave lack of consideration from the hotel management. When I arrived, I found the location of the hotel great, on a hill with a beautiful view in all directions.

Service: BBBBB

The staff that met the tired and sweat traveller did the best during the disastrous events that followed. Due to reparation they had disconnected the water, meaning no shower, and no cold water after the long walk. The receptionist ran to get some bottled water. I was late for lunch, but in spite of this, I was allowed to take some lunch from the buffet for free. And even through the other mini disaster that followed, the staff was extremely service minded.

Hygiene: BBBB-

There were serious renovation going on in the hotel. This means that old carpet, dust, and paint stains were everywhere in the corridors. It was not nice to to be a guest in such an environment. The rooms were clean, and the spacious bathrooms were shining after thorough cleaning. A mixed impression.

Rooms BBBBB-

The rooms were large - in fact they were all classified as suites.

First I was given a suite on the 1st floor, facing south, with a living room, bedroom and large bathroom. As the water was connected after the renovation, a plumber had forgotten to connect a pipe in the room above me, and suddenly a small stream of water started running over my window.

Alarmed by this, I contacted the reception and was immediately given a room on the 5th floor, same size as the suite I had been given.

I was lucky to be given a room facing north, as many of the rooms facing south had windows into the enclosed glassed atrium between the two wings of the hotel. As this was a hot day, this meant that the rooms extremely hot during the night and you could be distracted by the music and noise from the bars and restaurants in the atrium.

The suite had a living room with a desk, a sofa and chair. The sofa was, however, very short and very uncomfortable to sit in. The desk had been badly chipped, and there were visible scars and spots on the furniture, walls and carpets.

The bedroom was spacious with two twin beds. There was a TV cabinet that could be turned around allowing you to watch TV both in your living room and in your bed room.

The room had a board and an iron to straighten up for the next morning. There was a well stocked minibar as well, but beware the price. Close to €20 for a small bottle of red wine.

Breakfast: BBBBB

Breakfast was included in the price, and you had a great selection of cereals, fruits, yogurts, cheese and meats as well as egg, bacon, potatoes and much more. Even the juice was decent!!

Other services: BBBB+

A large WLAN network made it possible to work everywhere in the hotel. If you had no PC with you there were to PCs by the entrance. The glass atrium was light and open, but I hate palm trees, and ivy made in plastic. It looks very cheap. The real thing would have looked much better.

The breakfast room was large and the part facing south was very light and friendly. There were chairs and sofas throughout the enclosed area and even small ponds with water features.

There were one lift out of order due to renovation and it took ages to get one lift to bring you to you floor. The swimming pool was also closed. So what worked was nice, but the rest.......

Price: BBB

My room was paid for. For the sum of around €130 it would normally scored higher. But living through renovation, I find it seriously overpriced.

Overall score: BBBB+

Normally closer to five B's. I would have recommended that the hotels had been closed through the renovation.

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