Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The food and wine counts - after all!!

Restaurants rated after their food - December 2006 - December 2007

A good restaurant experience is not only a question on how the food taste. Location, service, interior and style is equally important for a memorable evening. But the food and wine are still the most important part of the experience. Here you find the food and wine rating on the restaurants I have reviewed until now. Have a nice evening - and bon appetit!!

BBBBB – Highly recommendable

Bella Vita, Oslo: BBBBB
Bilbao Berria, Barcelona: BBBBB
Els Quatre Gats, Barcelona: BBBBB
Feng Shui, Cohasset MA: BBBBB
Peder Oxe, Copenhagen: BBBBB
Risotteria, New York NY: BBBBB
Sammy's, New York NY: BBBBB
Santamonica, Barcelona: BBBBB
Soi, Johannesburg: BBBBB
Spisekroken, Bergen: BBBBB
Taste of China, Oslo: BBBBB
To Rom og kjøkken, Trondheim (BBBBB)
Cerveseria Canarias,, Barcelona: BBBBB-
NEW: Mezza Luna, Johannesburg (BBBBB-)

BBBB - Recommendable

Café Zeleste, Copenhagen: BBBB+
Le Cirio, Brussels: BBBB
Tapelia, Barcelona: BBBB+
Blue Riband, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia : BBBB
La Fonda, Barcelona: BBBB
Los Tapetes de Gaudi, Barcelona: BBBB
Les Quinzenitz, Barcelona: BBBB
Spud's, Rowley MA: BBBB
Santa Maria, Sitges: BBBB-

BBB: Good

Bistro Latitude, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia: BBB+
Restaurant Versailles, Durban: BBB+
Siddharta, Barcelona: BBB
Tenorio Braseria, Barcelona

BB: Not recommendable

Da Yin He, Barcelona (BB+)
Piccola Venezia, Boston MA: BB
A Taste of Indian, Bergen BB

B: A waste of time and money

None, thank God!!

See the total rating here!

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