Monday, May 14, 2007

This is the 500th story on Enjoy Food & Travel

- and soon there will be more on restaurants in Oslo

Some of you may have noticed that I have not, until now, written anything on Norwegian restaurants. This has had one important reason. I have since January 1st 2004 worked as assistant director at the main office of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. This has made it difficult, or even impossible for me, as a food bureaucrat, to share culinary experiences from Oslo. This period will, however, soon be over......

I will, in the next months, change to a new job. This means that I finally will have the chance to share my experiences with you from restaurants and bars in Oslo, as well as being able to write more freely on Norwegian food in general. So this 500th story is something to celebrate.

For Oslo has, in spite of being a rather small capital city, so much to enjoy for the hungry traveller. You can either visit the most exclusive restaurants with Michelin star rating and pay a fortune, or you can enjoy good, and inexpensive street food in one of the Eastern parts of the city. Oslo is quite small, but has still everything a big city has to offer.

So bookmark Enjoy Food & Travel, as there are much more to come.........

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