Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Preparing the National Day

May 17th is the Norwegian National Day, celebrating the day of the signing of the Norwegian Constition May 17th 1814. Norwegians celbrate this day with parades of school children that follow the countless brass bands that play around in the whole country.

I have one National Day tradition - a May 17th Brunch. As you can see I have started the preparation already, with candles in our national colours and matching decorations. Most of the food, however, will be prepared tomorrow.

I will prepare smoked salmon, chorizo and spanish serrano ham with scrambled eggs, french paté, shrimps in saffron mayonnaise, cheese, served with fresh bread. And a rich chocolate mousse for dessert. And what to drink? My guests, Per and Susanne Koch are bringing a bottle of Moët & Chandon. Great stuff.

I will show you how to prepare these cold dishes tomorrow, so - I'll se you tomorrow......

(By the way, my great-great-grandfather, Even Thorsen (1776-1867) was one of the men that signed the Constitution that day in 1814 - something to be proud of)

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