Monday, May 28, 2007

Fried seafood

On this last day of Pentecost, our last bank holiday in the spring season, I yearned for some fish. I had some seafood in my freezer, and I decided to make some fried seafood.

The frozen seafood consists of squid rings and tentacles, prawns and surimi. I hate fake food, leaving the surimi to end, being used as substitute for seafood in a soup. I picked out squid and prawns and got started.

What you need for a bowl like this is:
100-150 grams / 3,5 - 7 oz. frozen seafood
Seafood spices
Olive oil
Half a lemon

Defrost seafood.

Mix flour, spices, salt and pepper. Mix seafood until it is well coated with flour.

Heat up oil. Fry seafood until golden brown. Do not overcook, or else it may get tough to eat. Place on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

Serve with potatoes or rice, and sauce. I served it with baked ready made rösti potatoes and hollandaise sauce.


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