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Eating in Copenhagen - Lunch at Café Zeleste

In the quaint Nyhavn area, you find Café Zeleste. This charming cafe, is a very popular place to eat in the area. I decided to eat "frokost", a Danish lunch, here and was recommended the "fish of the day." And I am glad that I did!

Location: BBBBB

Café Zeleste is located in Store Strandstræde 6, close to Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv. These are among the most popular areas of Copenhagen with many good restaurants that serve traditional Danish food accompanied by "en bayer" - a glass of cold beer. And do as the Danes do, try an additional Aalborg Jubileumsakevit to you "frokost".

Atmosphere: BBBB+

Café Zeleste is located in a charming small house and during spring and summer you can also eat in the back yard. Inside it has a classic, pale blue interior. If you choose eat outside, as we did, you can enjoy your food in a charming continental setting. We were placed at a table for two, by one of the walls.

We were well seated, but the cobblestones on the ground made our table and chairs unstable. I also found that the space to the table behind us was uncomfortably small.

Price: BBBBB

We chose the Skt Annæ Special, the fish of today, at DKK 89 and we shared a cheese platter at DKK 55. With a bottle of white wine at DKK 150 we paid DKK 400 (€45) for the whole meal, and it was definetely worth it.

The service: BBBBB-

The service was good. Our waitress was kind, and we did not have to wait long to order or to be served.

The food: BBBB+
Café Zeleste has a small lunch menu, a soup, a few different platters, and a few meat and seafood dishes. For dessert you can choose a chocolate gateau, cheese or petit fours. They have a larger evening menu and offers an opera menu as well.

We chose the Skt Annæ Special, the fish of today and we shared a cheese platter.

As we waited for our fish, we were served fresh bread with aioli, mayonnaise with garlic.

We were served fried turbot with beurre blanc, fried potatoes, and vegetables. It was definetely the catch of the day, perfectly prepared, i.e. slightly undercooked. The presentation however, was not very inventive.

But it tasted very good, the beurre blanc worked perfectly with the turbot. None of the tastes competed with the delicate flavour of this great white fish.

We had a good dry white wine with the fish. At Zeleste you can order a bottle of the restaurants own wine, and you pay for what you drink. We, however, managed to drink the whole bottle during our meal.

The cheese platter consisted of both Danish and European cheese. It was a perfect end of the meal, but do order your own platter, as the amount you are served is a little small for two.

We were served a white cheese that reminded us of a young Spanish manchego, a brie and a blue cheese . To this we shared a small bowl of walnuts and olives. The cheese was well tempered, and the mild brie and "manchego", were well balanced by a strong aromatic blue cheese.

Overall rating: BBBBB- (4,69)

I do recommend the lunch at Cafe Zeleste, if you are travelling to the Danish capital. But if you are hungry, you can easily enjoy a three course dinner here, and still not feel stuffed. The fish of the day was a good choice.

Adress: Store Strandstræde 6, Dk 1255 København K
Phone: +45 33 16 06 06

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