Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dim Sum at a Taste of China

I completely fell in love with dim sum, when I went to my first dim sum parlour in Boston in 1988. Reasonably priced, deliciously steamed and fried dumplings, spring rolls and wantons - a Chinese tapas feast.

I was delighted when I discovered that dim sum had conquered the Oslo culinary scene, and I have visited a Taste of China four or five times. It is not the perfect place, as the interior is rather boring, and the service may, at times, be rather slow, but the food is exquisite and the price is unbeatable.

Location BBBB

The Taste of China is located in the heart of Oslo, close to the city's second shopping street, and just a few minutes walk from the sights of central Oslo. But it can hardly be said to be the most romantic location, if you are looking for the place of the meal of your dreams.

Atmosphere: BBBB

The interior of the restaurant is light but looks a little uninspiring. Red walls, and vinyl floors, and rather sparsely decorated. Tables with white paper tablecloths, and no knives or forks. The Asian wooden chairs are tall, and you are well seated. But trust me, you do not go there for the interior - but for the food!!

The price: BBBBB

The price is absolutely unbeatable. The four of us had 12 different orders, and I had two bottles of Tsing Tao. I ate until I was completely stuffed and my part of the bill was less than €30. And it was absolutely wort every cent!!

The service: BBB+

I am not sure of my rating as the staff provided much of a Chinese feel to it. We had problems understanding what our waiter said, but the menus had pictures and was easy to pick from. But they had no English menu, and if you have not eaten dim sum before you may be in for a surprise.

But this is also the case at the China Pearl in Boston, as old Chinese women wander along the crowded tables, offering their dishes from their trolleys with such a strong Chinese accent. You have no clue what you order. So if you can relax and stay in China for a moment, one may award it with five B's for charm, but for this evening, it ends up with a BBB+

The food: BBBBB

But God! What food you get!! You prepare by mixing a hot sweet chili sauce with soy sauce, and then the bowls, bamboo steamers, and plates follows. Siu Mai, steamed pork and shrimp parcels with tofu skins, are followed by spring rolls with mushrooms and beef and rice-paper dumplings with prawns. Then Woh Tip - fried dumplings with pork are served with beef in a broth with cabbage. This is only a selection of what we ate, and the tastes and texture were various, soft rice paper, crisp wanton and spring roll sheets. Do choose a wide selection, but be aware that some of the orders have three and other four pieces, and that is complicated when you are four, but - you can order two!!

The Taste of China does not provide you with the authentic Chinese atmosphere, but the food brings you to the Far East for a little while!!

And the Tsing Tao is perfect company to the food!!

Overall score: BBBB+ (4,3 points)

Do not look at the overall score, go there and enjoy the food - it is delicious!!

Adress: Torggata 18, Oslo
Phone: +47 22 11 18 88

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