Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coming up next week - sights from old Oslo

The city of Oslo has existed at least for the last thousand years. Since most buildings of the city was constructed in wood, it has burnt numerous times, and invading armies destroyed what was left built in stone.

The street plan you see today is the result of the fire in 1624. After this large fire, Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, decided to move the city centre closer to the Akershus fortress. He renamed the new city, after himself - Christiania. From this period the buildings were constructed in stone or bricks. In the quarters close to fortress there are a considerable number of buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th Century.

Still, if you enter Gamlebyen - named after Old Oslo, you will find remains predating 1624, and there are many interesting stories to be told from this part of the city.

I have roamed these streets with my camera and I will, the coming week, share with the historically interested tourist some sights from Old Oslo. As the window on this picture. It is now part of the foundation of the Oslo Bishop Residence, but used to be a part of one of the old monasteries of the medieval city.

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