Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coming up at Enjoy Food & Travel - Visiting Bergen May 31st to June 3rd

The coming week I will visit Bergen the beautiful old city on the Norwegian Vestlandet, by the west coast with its steep mountains and deep fjords.

Bergen is more than 900 years old, and is one the best preserved cities in the country. It is renowned for its historic sights as Bryggen, the part of the old hanseatic quarters with roots back to the Middle ages, when German merchants ran much of the trade in Bergen. You also have the beautiful Mariakirken, a beautiful medieval church, and the Bergenhus fortress dating as far back as 1240.

I will visit my nephew Knut Ørnes, studying medicine at the University of Bergen. I will certainly report back from the sights of Bergen, but will also visit some interesting restaurants.

A colleague recommended eating steamed mussels at Dampen Steakhouse, and I will most certainly take my nephew out to Enhjørningen (the Unicorn), an excellent Fish restaurant at Bryggen.

And we will cook to.

So be patient, as my stories from Bergen will be written as I return, from Sunday June 3rd.

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