Saturday, May 12, 2007

Champagne - the nectar from Épernay

Yesterday I had something to celebrate. What would be better than to open a bottle of real champagne? Champagne is one of the most succesfully branded products in Europe, and the producers of this sparkling wine have managed to protect it for more than 100 years. Since 1994 it has even the phrase "Méthode Champénoise" been restricted to the wines produced in this little region not far from Paris.

Well, we opened two bottles of champagne, one very pink and small, and another half bottle. This certainly backs the euphoria deriving from a very good piece of news.

Nicolas Feuillatte One Four Rosé

When you choose this small bottle of 20 cl, you're enterring serious Barbie territory. If you had not known that the liquid inside contains 12% alcohol, I would had sworn that this product had girls from the age 10 to 16 as target group. With a cute little pink ribbon around the neck.

Well, the wine inside is made from 60% pinot noir, 30% pinot meunier and 10 % chardonnay. The price tag is NOK 99 (around €11), a steep price for a Barbie wine. The bouquet and taste, however, are great. Beautiful pink colour, floral scent, and a taste reminding you of red currants and blak currants.

If you are straight and bring this dinky little bottle to a party, you may run out of luck dating girls at the end of the night, as this is a girlie or a gay drink, and that is why I loved it so much.

Charlemagne Blanc de Blancs Réserve, brut

This 37,5 cl. bottle is a more traditional champagne. This is definitely not a gay wine. No pink ribbons here.
The wine is made from only chardonnay grapes. A beautiful golden colour sparkle in your glass as you enjoy a characteristic apple flavours, complemented with a little mint and citrus. A great wine for a warm day, but you have to pay up. €15-20, here in Norway, but Champagne does not come cheap anywhere. But if you want to drink the real nectar from Épernay, you can certainly pay much much more.

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