Friday, April 27, 2007

Tourist in Paris: Musé Max Fournet de’l Art Naïf et Primitif

In Halle St Pierre in Montmartre, at the foot of the hill which is crowned by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, le Sacré Coeur, is an extraordinary museum, Musé Max Fournet de’l Art Naïf et Primitif.

By guest writer Susanne Koch

This is a small museum with no permanent exhibition, but with a cavalcade of small exhibitions of primitive and/or naivistic art.

There museum has a small bookstore with excellent books on the subject (in French) and loads of postcards and trinkets in the same genre.

There is a small café in the spacious yet intimate hall of the museum. They serve some very nice home made vegetable pies and gorgeous cakes.

As nice as the café is, the main thing is the exhibition itself. As I mentioned, they vary, but the quality remains constant. On my last visit, I saw a fascinating display of miniature sculptures by Pétra Werlé. It was hard not to think of the sculptures as anything but tiny persons – each one with a unique and very expressive face and dressed in the most fantastic creations assembled from dried petals, butterfly wings, snail shells…

It was as if the exhibition offered a glimpse of a parallel universe where a miniscule race of people lives an enchanted life. I will remember this one for a long time.

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