Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tapas - great food for an evening around the table

As you would know by now, I absolutely love tapas. Traditionally, small bowls or plates with e.g. sausage or cheese used to be (and still are) served when you ordered a drink in a Spanish bar, often for free. As social food - tapas brings people closer as you can solve world problems as you enjoy your beer and a slice of delicious Jamon Serrano.

Now the tapas has been turned into a separate food tradition that has conquered the world.

This table was set for a party yesterday, Saturday April 28th. It was a success indeed, both for Tone, the host, and for us, the guests. As we left around midnight we were moderately influenced by the effect of several good Spanish wines. And the food - yum!!

What did she serve us? Let me tell you:

  • A quiche with broccoli and prawns, easy to make. Prebaked shortcrust pastry with a filling of prawns, broccoli and cheese. Then a mixture of eggs and cream are poured over.
  • Manchego cheeese, the famous spanish speciality made from sheeps milk
  • Reypenaar VSOP, well matured dutch Gouda - my contibution
  • French Roquefort
  • French Brie to be served with 2 different Spanish jam varieties, one made from green tomatoes the other from figs
  • Shrimps in Spanish marinade
  • Peppers and sundried tomatoes in an aromatic olive oil
  • Serrano ham - thinly sliced and to die for!!
  • Pico Torre - Chorizo Cantimpalos Extra that I bought in Barcelona during christmas
  • Three different types of mayonnaise, aioli, regular, and I brought my homemade herb variety.
  • Tomato salad
  • Blanced asparagus tips with balsamic vinegar and freshly grated parmeggiano reggiano
  • Olives
And all this was followed by Bread or Melba toast. No wonder we indulged in all these delicacies. And at the end Tone served two different Sorbets with fresh berries accompanied by a cold glass of Muscat wine.

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