Saturday, April 21, 2007

Street food: The Halal Boys in New York City

One of my honest to God greatest meals on my visit to New York City was a bit of a surprise.

By guest writer Susanne Koch.

On the street corner right outside our hotel (53rd and 6th), there was a nightly show: Every day at 7pm a street vendor opened a stall and long before the food was ready, there was a long line.

Also, long before the food was ready, the area was filled with the tempting aroma of garlic, grilled meat and all kinds of exotic spices.

The Halal Guys work hard every night to serve a multitude of hungry customers. And it’s no wonder that this stall has the longest line I’ve seen for a street vendor. For 5 bucks you get a complete dinner: Fragrant, yellow basmati rice, your choice of lamb or chicken meat (and lots of it), pitta bread, salad and two kinds of sauce – a large cup of mild yogurt sauce with herbs and a small cup of harissa style very hot red sauce.

A satisfying and tasty quality meal for a surprisingly low price: Give it a try if you’re in New York City!

The Halal Guys were even among the finalists for the 2005 Vendy Award for street vendors.

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