Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stav Østre

Sadly, the day I wanted to take a snapshot of the house, it rained, so you'll get some pictures of the interior.

Stian Sagerud works as a handyman in a DIY-store at Hamar, whereas Øyvind Lodten works in an architect firm. They moved from their 3 room flat downtown, to Stav Østre close to Løten church late last year. The house is built late 19th century.

What these guys have managed the last six months is impressive indeed. The previously run down house has now a new roof, chimney, and they have done wonders with the interior. This project aims at restoring the house back to what it once was. Still these guys are using new design features as well. Smart men with an excellent taste.

This is their large kitchen, with a new designer fireplace, plenty workspace and they have used Italian marble tiles over the stove. Impressive!!

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